6 Chill-out Places Amidst Wintry Scenery & Million-Dollar View

23 February 2024

1. Phu Toei National Park

This is a perfect place for folks with adventurous hearts. Best visited during a winter season, watch the gorgeous sunset in the embrace of the sea of mist.  Challenge yourself by climbing the Thewada Mountain, a popular destination among pro climbers. Apart from that, there are other interesting places to visit at the national park, for example, Merkus pine forest, Ta Phoen Khi Yai waterfall, Ta Phoen Khi Noi waterfall, Phu Krathing waterfall, etc. For camping lovers, the national park offers 3 camping spots with different vibe and scenery— 1) Phu Toei National Park Protection Unit, 2) the national park office, and 3) Ta Phoen Khi. If you are ready to indulge yourself with gorgeous nature, pack your bags and get your friends now.

Address: Phu Toei National Park, Tambon Wang Yao, Amphoe Dan Chang, Suphanburi, 72180

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/DgxJicUSk2Ri9Thd9 


2. Doi Pa Hom Pok

Doi Pa Hom Pok which is one of the highest peaks in Thailand is a top scenic viewpoint. Due to its tall and steep characteristic, it’s not advisable to camp here because it’s dangerous. Instead, tourists can camp at Kio Lom camping site which is 3.5 kilometers away from the viewpoint or about 4 hours. You can request the national park officer to be your guide. Doi Pa Hom Pok is rich in rare species of flora and fauna that cannot be found at anywhere else, for example, Impatiens Phahompokensis, Hypericaceae, and Kaisar-i-Hind butterflies. If you are not a fan of trekking and mountain climbing, you may opt to relax at Fang Hot Spring or Pong Nam Dang waterfall instead. All in All, Doi Pa Hom Pok is a great destination to visit in winter, worthy of being included in your list. 

Address: Tambon Pong Namron, Amphoe Fang, 

Chiang Mai, 50110

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/NgHVDeiMsjnmoHwCA 


3. Doi Samoe Dao

One of the timeless destinations in Thailand that can be visited all year round without getting bored. Doi Samoe Dao is well-known for its stunning and impressive view where you will be surrounded by the sea of mist amidst cool weather. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise, sunset, and the starry sky at night. Doi Samoe Dao provides many camping sites for tourists to spend a night. If you want to take in more amazing nature, another recommend place to visit is Pha Hua Sing which is a tall cliff protruding horizontally like a crouching lion. You can see the scenery for 360 degrees around you. Doi Samoe Dao camping site is open for visit from October to February only. Pack your winter clothes and let’s go! 

Address: Sri Nan National Park, Tambon Sri Saket, 

Amphoe Na Noi, Nan, 55101

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/gHhb9Pr1yrLoM7CK7 


4. Phu Chi Fa

Pack your bags and let’s enjoy the unparalleled sunrise view among cold weather and the sea of mist at one of the top destination in Thailand— Phu Chi Fa. The best season to visit is winter because the weather is very hot in summer and camping is unavailable in a rainy season. You can bring your own tent and stay at Phu Chi Fa camping site free of charge. If you are not a camper, there are many amazing accommodation located not far from the national park to choose from. The must-do activity at Phu Chi Fa is trekking 1.5 kilometers up the mountain to the scenic viewpoint and sightsee the stunning view. Do not wait until the winter is over. 

Address: Tambon Po, Amphoe Wiang Kaen, 

Chiang Rai, 57310

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/qca71zQqPNQcgTsTA 


5. Mon Chaem

A friendly reminder to start off: make a reservation in advance for a visit to Mon Chaem in winter because people will flood to this place from every region. There are many places to visit in Mon Chaem and various types of accommodation to choose from based on your lifestyle, be it luxurious hotels or local homestays. If you prefer to be adventurous, you can bring your own tent and enjoy camping in nature. Mon Chaem is a perfect choice for people in search of a relaxing and slow-life trip. Enjoy visiting and checking into many cozy cafes, beautiful vast flower fields, and friendly local restaurants. 

Address: Tambon Mae Raem, Amphoe Mae Rim,

Chiang Mai, 50180

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/TaNfpb4e7o3t77bW8 


6. Phu Kradueng National Park

Phu Kradueng is a top tourist destination in Loei that every visitor always comes back with a tale to share. The national park is a dream choice of adventurers who like trekking in the wild. You need to be considerably fit to walk 4-6 hours to the peak. The national park provides a carrier service for people who are worried about heavy luggage hindering their journey to the top. You can visit many check-in places along the way, for example, Pha Lom Sak scenic viewpoint, Sam Haek morning mist viewpoint, Phu Kradueng waterfall, red maple forest, etc. The national park offers accommodation and a camping site for tourists who wish to stay a night. There are many food vendors at the park so you never have to worry about what to eat. Mu Kratha (grilled pork) is the most recommended menu to enjoy in the cold weather.

Address: Tambon Ri Than, Amphoe Phu Kradueng,

Loei, 42180

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/saob6N3kyW49FX7u7